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Real estate taxation

Change of use of a residence or a cottage

Alexandre Blouin
Incorporation and start-up

When Is It a Good Time to Incorporate in Real Estate?

Many real estate investors wonder when it is worth incorporating in real estate. Here are the main benefits and downsides...

Mélissa Lortie
Tax planning

How do you document your personal tax file?

Learn how to set up your personal tax file and find out what information you need to prepare your tax returns.

Dave Poirier
Tax planning

When to start planning for retirement?

Learn more about retirement planning and the different ways wealth management can help you live a more fruitful old age.

Alexandre Blouin
Real estate taxation

Tax rate on real estate capital gains | Tax impacts on the disposition of a rental property held by an individual

If you are thinking of selling a rental property, there is a good chance that this disposition will result in tax liability. This article will help you determine the tax implications of selling a rental property when it is owned by an individual.

Sébastien Guillot
Tax planning

10 reasons to book an appointment with a tax specialist

Discover in which circumstances and when an individual or business may benefit from the services of a tax specialist.

Jean-René Sénéchal
Tax return

How long must we keep tax records?

Discover how long you should keep your tax documents in Canada and why it is recommended to do so.

Jean-René Sénéchal