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Tax returns

At Barricad, we take the preparation of tax returns very seriously. Each year, our tax specialists save our clients thousands of dollars thanks to a combination of knowledge and expertise in the field.

Don't wait for the deadline before consulting the professionals at Barricad Fiscalistes for your tax returns.

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Corporate Reorganization

A corporate structure that meets the needs of entrepreneurs is the first step to saving taxes and facilitating the transfer of funds. Incorporation, management company, and trust... are not easy to figure out! Having the right structure now can usually save you headaches later on!

A good corporate structure allows you to take advantage of tax breaks: tax credit, tax deferral or income splitting.

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Real estate taxation

For a long time, real estate owners have shied away from taxation, thinking that there were no real savings to be made. Today, they understand how taxation can become a tool at the very core of their strategy to reduce their tax bill and thus allow them to achieve their objectives.

From buying to selling to holding the property, it is important to make informed tax choices.

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Business valuation

Knowing the value of your business is more than just a number on a balance sheet: it is fundamental to avoiding surprises and planning for the future. Whether in the context of a dispute, for tax purposes or when an offer to purchase is made, the market value of the business is always present.

A business owner should always know the value of his company.

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Incorporation and start-up

Entrepreneurs have 1001 questions when it comes to starting a business. Take 1 hour of your time and come meet one of our tax specialists. He or she will be able to answer all your questions and, better yet, ask you the important questions that will help your project get off on the right foot!

When, how and most importantly why? Let's start by asking the right questions.

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Retirement planning

Retirement is obviously planned several years in advance. Business owners often have more choices, but also more responsibility when it comes to planning for retirement. Although many entrepreneurs believe they will never retire (!), they should think about it several years in advance in order to choose the right strategies.

Old Age Security pensions are too often lost unnecessarily. Retirement should be planned several years in advance.

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Business succession

Business succession is prepared well in advance, even before the owner thinks about retirement! Each situation is different and brings its own emotional and fiscal particularities. Because we are used to this type of file, at Barricad, we treat these aspects in this order.

A business succession must be carefully prepared and it starts with a tax specialist.

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Business Buy and Sell

Selling or buying a business takes preparation. From negotiation to execution, there are several stages to go through. The confidentiality agreement, the letter of intent, the due diligence, the purchase or sale agreement, the establishment of payment guarantees and the payment according to the planned schedule are the six stages of the purchase or the sale of a business. It is important to be well prepared and know how to position yourself in all the different stages of the process.

When it comes time to buy or sell a business, there are several things to expect and it is essential to be well prepared.

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Succession planning

It's never pleasant to talk about what's going to happen when you retire... But it's important to plan your succession properly so that your assets are distributed the way you want them to be. Planning today means preserving assets, protecting your wealth and providing a lasting legacy for your family in the future.

A well-developed estate plan can reduce the tax and expenses associated with the estate, simplify and speed up the transfer of assets to the next generation.

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Income tax return

The complexity of a tax return can be frightening to many people, despite their good intentions. If you are an individual, a self-employed worker, a property manager or any other person who needs to file a tax return, one of our advisors will be happy to help you.

Several tax specialists at Barricad Fiscalistes are at your disposal to support you in your personal tax declaration process. Just contact us to find out more!

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Tax Planning

The tax universe is very complex. The objective of tax planning is to organize the affairs of a taxpayer so that he pays as little tax as possible while respecting the laws.

Tax is a must. However, several means are available to you to minimize its impact.

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Merger and Liquidation

Is your organization suffering significant losses or having to cease operations? Is it better to merge it with another or simply dissolve it? It is clear that it is not easy to make such a decision. This is why at Barricad Fiscalistes, we are here to advise you in this process.

A merger can take many different forms and the legal and tax impacts will differ from type to type. The procedures to be followed vary for each company and the situations are all different.

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International Taxation

Behind your overseas projects lay several tax challenges that require careful planning. Whether for a business or an individual, doing business outside of Canada involves sound financial and tax planning.

To compete on the world stage, it is important to do business with a tax professional to ensure your international tax compliance and minimize your financial and legal risks.

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Declaration of Trust

Grieving a loved one is often a great emotional ordeal and, for most people, the steps to take following a death are often complex. Indeed, a death has several specific implications that must be taken into account in determining the taxes payable by the deceased. At Barricad, we're here to guide you.

Many tax rules apply, for which the liquidator should pay attention. This is why our experts are there to support you in all these tax procedures.

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Agricultural Taxation

Whether we are talking about breeding, maintenance of racehorses, cultivation of the soil, exhibition of farm animals, poultry or fur farming, dairy production, apple cultivation or beekeeping, for the purposes of tax laws we speak of agricultural business. Several complex rules apply to agricultural businesses, that’s why it’s important to get help so that you can see things clearly and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Agricultural taxation includes several subtle elements. Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts in order to avoid tax problems or simply to answer your questions.

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Representation before tax authorities

Call us as soon as possible, ideally when you receive an audit proposal from the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec. We will do what is necessary to defend your case, up to the point of opposition.

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Financial and estate planning

Taxes at death are too often underestimated. We can calculate these and advise you on the financial products needed to ensure an optimal estate.

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Buying and selling a business

We have experts who can support you when buying or selling a business: market value, financing, structure, etc. Contact us as soon as a purchase or sale project is launched.

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