Sophie Casgrain, Tax specialist

Sophie graduated from HEC Montréal and Université de Montréal with a master's degree in taxation (LL.M.). Her career began in the tax services group of an international accounting firm, mainly in wealth management and corporate reorganization, after she had completed an internship at the Quebec Bar in the Technical Interpretation Department of Revenu Québec's Tax Laws Division.

She specializes in tax planning for shareholders of private companies, which she assists in various types of internal reorganizations and in business buy-sell transactions. She has also worked on several projects in which she has implemented retention programs for key employees.

In addition, she advises high net worth individuals on estate planning, private trusts and family wealth planning. This expertise has led her to pursue the Trust and Estate Practitioner certification, which she has now successfully obtained. Sophie is the author of numerous publications and conferences on the topic.

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