Belynda Francoeur, Tax specialist

For Belynda, each person and each situation is unique and requires a solution adapted to their needs. Through active listening, empathy and her need to connect, she easily anticipates the needs of her clients and colleagues. In a spirit of collaboration, she knows how to bring together the professionals the client needs and direct the file towards the achievement of a common goal.

Her varied experience with the Montreal entrepreneurial scene, her business acumen, her knowledge and her network are valuable assets for her clients.

Her areas of expertise include, in particular, advice and support for the executive shareholders of private companies in order to enable them to achieve their objective of retirement, business purchase/sale or succession or simply optimization of their tax structure. She specializes in particular in real estate holding structures, partnerships, limited partnerships, as well as non-profit organizations and registered charities, NPOs and OBEs.

Belynda began her career as a lawyer in a union, which allowed her to familiarize herself with negotiation and politics, particularly in periods of renewal of collective agreements, as well as in the areas of labor law. and municipal law. Not liking conflict, she decided to change fields. Preferring good understanding and negotiation to the conflicting aspects of the practice of traditional law, she turned to a field of practice rather focused on the entrepreneurial environment, the prevention of potential problems and the establishment of effective business structures.

In order to diversify her practice and culture, she worked for a year for the law firm Isaan Lawyers in the North East of Thailand. She was able to intervene for foreign investors to help them organize their business in the country. She took the opportunity to learn about muay thai.

Having been director of the mentoring program and of the network of young administrators at the Young Chamber of Commerce of Montreal for several years, she decided to found, with colleagues, an NPO, Transportactif Québec, whose mission is to participate in the increase in active travel in greater Montreal. Having been selected by the Esplanade, she completed the Collision 6 acceleration program. She is more than familiar with corporate governance issues and the management of a board of directors.

Belynda holds a master's degree in tax law from HEC Montreal and the Faculty of Law of the University of Montreal. In 2008, she obtained her law degree from Laval University and was admitted to the Barreau du Québec in 2009. She completed her internship at the Barreau du Québec within the Judicial Research Service of the Court of Quebec in 2011. She also obtained her Juris Doctor (JD) title in North American Common Law from the University of Ottawa in 2010.

She is also a graduate of the Effect A 100 Days Challenge.

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