Iris Lemay, Tax specialist

A member of the Order of Chartered Accountants (CPA), Iris has been helping small and medium-sized businesses for over 10 years to properly fulfill their accounting and tax obligations. From the very beginning, Iris realized that having a good understanding of tax rules was essential to enable her to fully play her role as a business advisor. Today, she enjoys finding opportunities for tax optimization in every situation, for every client. She particularly enjoys assisting her fellow CPAs who work alone or in small firms when they have more specific questions or need support with their clients when taxation is an issue.

In real estate taxation, Iris has worked more in the tourism sector (hotels, property management, Airbnb, tourist attractions, etc.). She has been an auditor for numerous rental and condominium corporations, in addition to assisting her clients in the development of resort real estate projects. More recently, after having held a position within a major international tourism company, she began to develop her skills in data management and artificial intelligence in order to be able to follow the evolution of the business and tax markets.

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